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About me

I am 40 years old, and I live in Vasa, Finland.
I design kitchens and other rooms for a living. I work for Puustelli.
The most important thing with all projects is good customer service and happy clients. The design have to work practically and also look good.
My services includes an all inclusive service, or just a technical design, and everything in between.
All pictures on this site are from designs that I have delivered.
Some designs are all inclusive. On some designs the client have chosen the materials and colors.
Most pictures taken with an Iphone. I prefer to show real honest kitchens that are in use, instead of studio kitchens.
Feel free to contact me if you plan on building a new house or make a renovation in your current home .
I offer my services to both private individuals and companies.

Contact me

Thomas Berglund +358-40-183 1910   You can also find me here: